DECEMBER 8-16, 2018
Handcrafted Key West Nutcracker
In 2005 Montgomery Triz created a mold from a conch shell cut to fit the top of a standard Nutcracker with its hat removed. In it was cast the first Conch Nutcracker that was used in the first 3 years of performances It was made of a fiberglass composite and was thrown on the stage throughout the rehearsals and performances creating cracks and weaknesses so that it could not be used for future performances. In 2008 Marie Schnellenberger, from Washington DC, a mask maker  of Rat heads for most US Ballet Companies, was approached to create a Nutcracker that would not break when thrown. Taking Triz's mold she found a new material, a type of hard rubber, and created the current Nutcracker that Clara and Fritz squabble over, that will not break! In fact it has been known to bounce a little!

Tom Jorris, a local artist, offered to take the mold and create 12 more models, using plaster and wood. These models will be painted by local artists and will be offered as part of the sponsorship of each performance. 

Participating Artists

  • ​Fran Decker
  • Carrie Disrud
  • Michael Epperhart
  • Christine Fifer
  • ​​Tony Gregory
  • ​Pam Hobbs
  • ​​Debrah Moore
  • ​Marky Pierson
  • ​​Adam Russell
  • Lothar Speer
  • Andy Thurber

You can see all of the hand painted nutcrackers on display at The Studios of Key West the month of November 2018.

533 Eaton Street

"The Nutcracker is emerging from the ocean with the coins of the Atocha in the sands at his toes." Hand Painted by Ric McCausland